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While there's no doubt that Scooter Brown's roots come from hard-driving country, nowhere are their varied musical influences more eveident than during a live performance where their gritty, red dirt country musicality shines, but their crossover rock appeal truly becomes apparent. The Scooter Brown Band has traveled from South Texas to reach fans across the United States and Europe.  The Red Dirt Pub Crawl Tour in Dublin, Ireland 2015 marked the second round for The Scooter Brown Band to play across the pond in one of their favorite spots... In 2016, SBB joined forces with the the incredible booking agents at APA Nashville.

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The band insists that it's brand, songwriting and business decisions are collective. Each of the four members - vocalist / guitar Scott Brown, drummer Matt Bledsoe, and Scotland native Steven Sutherland on bass - all act as a pillar, shouldering an equal amount of responsibilty and creativity.


Scooter Brown Band is truly "American Grit" music at it's finest...

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